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Posted on August 7, 2008
When a certain unresolved issue continues to fester in a marriage, it is like a sore that needs cleaning and ointment to get well.  Wounds in our marriages could heal more quickly, and we could be much happier if we were open to cleaning and ointment -- that is, counseling. 

But we guys will hardly consider cleaning (opening lines of communication) and ointment (counselor's advice). 

Why is it we give the big middle finger to counseling?  Maybe it is the same reason we don't ask for directions when getting lost on the road. 

There are multiple reasons we diss counseling.  One of which is we'll hardly get honest with ourselves until our backs are against the wall.  It is the pride thing.  But oh how pride robs us of the stuff that makes up a more supreme life.

When our marriage is on the line, if we are willing to get honest and avail ourselves to good advice, we open the door into a new dimension of Christ-like living (Matthew 18:16).  One that is more full of marital success and satisfaction for a man who wins.

 Read my blog  Our One Long Gourmet Counseling Session. 

How to identify an effective, insightful counselor?  Read Chapter 6 of my book, Save the Males - Practical Steps for a Man's Happiness.

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