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Posted on August 14, 2008
We sometimes tend to think the bad guys have it easier than we men trying to do the right thing. 
It seems the ones who are obviously corrupt - by the things they do and say -- get away with a ton of badness and too often come out on top in business, sports, and even relationships.  (Nice guys finish last last, as they say?)  Because of their moral shortcuts, it can appear life is easier for them compared to us guys trying to keep the white hats on - consistently trying to take the high road.  

But what appears to be, isn't.  In reality, the corrupted actually live out a much harder life.  We guys with the white hats -- moral character - have smoother traveling.  It is much easier not having to: keep up with lies, mask cheating, fake genuineness; and hide porn from our wives.  
The world's wisest man, Solomon, put it this way: Good character is the best insurance; crooks get trapped in their sinful lust.  (Proverbs 11:5-6).

Men Who Win keep the white hats on even though the hats sometimes get knocked off to get soiled and stained, and we have to pick them back up, and clean them off (Psalm 51:1-10).

P.S.  Of course, when it comes to heaven, there are really no good guys or bad guys.  It's all a matter of whether we're either a truly unrepentant sinner, or a repentant one.  So, let's experience the goodness of repentance for the sake of eternity - and for smoother sailing now. 

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