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Posted on August 28, 2008

We guys tend to try to hide our fearsby putting onour game faces--our big false fronts of being 10' tall and bullet proof.

For instance, I personally am now concerned about a left fielddevelopment in my life. (Read my 8/28/08 blog In the Shadow of the Big C). So, I've made a few tight buds and family membersaware ofitso that they will pray for me.

Ilove it thatGod hears and responds to the prayers of Godly people (James 5:16). Just being assured of these prayers gives me more of a peace about the outcome of this new trial.

For your own life, never forget God is for you! He is both foryou and withyou -you who are his friends and adopted sons and daughters (Isaiah 41:10). Even when the wheels come off in your life, he is a safe place to hide (Psalm 46:1-3). He's always ready to strengthen and help us whenever we need him.

Although there is no way for most of us not to initially fearwhen something ominous looms over us, we don't need to allow it to pre-occupy us. We know our hearts are secure in the one who's still at the wheel of our lives (Psalm 112:7-8)

Persistent Prayer Produces Big Results - Hear my 8 minute radio show

In the Shadow of the Big C
by Gary Chester

"You know, sweetheart, God is perfect. His plans for us are far better than anything we could have for ourselves." Those weremy wife's wordsto me early this morning, as the fear factor was trying to kick in over a little spot that's been discovered on my gums.

Ro and I were cuddling, prayingand talking around 2am about read more

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