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True Friend Relationships

Posted on March 24, 2011

Something I have noticed over the years is that men have a hard time sowing time into relationships, especially deep meaningful ones. Now when things get really difficult, I mean, "If I do not get help I am going to die.Men will make time to try to get some help or counsel.  The problem I have found with this is when things start going well again, the old attitude returns. Suddenly a deep spiritual friendship is not worth the time.

Our time is important. There are many demands for our time and attention.  We all face this dilemma at one time or another. Believe me, I know. We can all come up with a lot of excuses to not make a regular and specific time to build close friendships with a few men.

Let me talk about that phrase "regular time". If we do not make regular consistent time to build a relationship, it simply will not happen. One
gets in the habit of canceling or putting off time for such friendships and that can eat away at your friend's faith in you. It can appear you are not interested in being a real friend.  You send the message that if things are really bad I will find you when I need you, but since I do not have a need right now, time together is not important. WRONG! It is a life spent sowing in the time together in the good times and the "ho hum" times that builds a lasting relationship.

Believe me men, these relationships are worth the time and effort. These true friend relationships are what has strengthened the other most important relationships in my life, namely with my wife and children.

Man up men, and invest the time regularly and consistently. A cup of coffee every week on Monday. Lunch every other week on Fridays. Just get a plan and make a commitment and get the reputation for being a man who shows
up in the "good times" and the "ho hum" times of life.

E-mail us back some of the plans you have worked out to sow into a deep
spirited friendship. What has worked for you?  Send us the plan you are going to attempt to be faithful to as a result of being encouraged by this post.

Jim Lewis

Board Member Men Who Win

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