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Time Is Our Most Valuable Gift

Posted on December 27, 2011  · View Comments

Each year at this time, I dig in my heels and am determined to escape getting caught up in the mad dash to go out and buy "stuff" for my family and friends just because it's "time" to do it. Evidently I'm just rebellious enough to think I don't have to be part of the shopping frenzy and that I will do only meaningful acts of love for my family. Sounds well intentioned, doesn't it?


Well, this year, as I awake each morning alone with more time to think, read and pray (without interruptions), I can honestly say that the pressure to buy and give so much "stuff" has genuinely subsided. In its place is a deep rooted desire to spend time - a special designated time - with my family and friends. I'm not talking about lavishly planned meals or events. What I'm yearning for is just a little time - set aside to visit, laugh and talk about things in life that matter. Share prayer concerns and have a genuine time of seeking God together. I want to be sure that my family and friends feel appreciated, loved and of value. Nothing, in my opinion, says "worthy" more than spending time with those we love.


This is my second Christmas to be without my soul mate, Gary. He often reminded me, "No man on his death bed ever says he wishes he'd spent more time at the office." Woman could just as well be substituted for man in that familiar quote. It is profound. TIME is the most important gift we can give or receive this Christmas. Don't be fooled by thinking that "stuff" can take the place of your time and attention.


My oldest son and his wife have two young children (ages 1 and 4). They set aside an evening each week to watch a "family movie". Since the children are in bed each night by 7:30, they have to start early. Mom plans early supper and Dad gets home from work in time to be settled in for the family movie. It's an event. It's a time that they are all together, snuggled up and focused on the movie.....but it's much more than that. It's a time when those precious little ones know they are extra important. Important enough that other "stuff" has been set aside. Plus his bride shares in knowing that her husband values that time together as a family. It's a little thing that has become a meaningful part of their young lives. It's their TIME.


My husband sincerely practiced what he preached when he urged men to spend TIME with their wives. "Date" them, he would say. Set aside a time each day to listen to them - whether you're in the mood to hear what they have to say or not. Give them time to vent or share or whatever their needs might be that day. He called it the 20-minute magic- and it was! 


Just as God yearns for us to spend time with Him, we in turn seek time with the ones we love. Time IS the ultimate and precious gift we can all give. I urge you to give it this Christmas Season and in the New Year.


Merry Christmas!

Ro Morse (wife of the late Gary Chester Morse)

Men Who Win Board Member

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Clay Campbell wrote...
12/27/11 10:50am
So True Ro!
Thanks for sharing!

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