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Sex Sins Directly Proportionate to Secrets

Posted on January 3, 2008
Roaches roamed my grandfather's house.  He couldn't afford an exterminator service. 

I remember as a kid coming into his house one night after being away past dark.  When he and I entered his pitch black kitchen and turned on the light, I jumped as three roaches scrambled like crazy to disappear. 

Roaches roam at night; they can hide in darkness.  But when light hits them, they are gone.  The same holds true with our sex sin (or any other sin for that matter) whatever the perversion the sex may take.  Secrets nuture sin.  They keep it flourishing, but light -- getting it out in the open -- destroys it.  Out in the open, we have nothing to be condemned for.

Our great enemy, The Deceiver, hoodwinks us when we keep our struggles to ourselves.  He has exactly where he wants us, just as lions try to isolate their meal from the herd.  The lone animal is no match for a lion, but it is safe in the pack. 

When Satan isolates us from honesty with ourselves and others, he paralyzes us with condemnation and guilt.  We're powerless to be set free on our own even if we personally pray for God to help.

But didn't Jesus come to set the captives free (Luke 4:16-30) -- those held prisoner by a particular sin?  Then how does He set us free?  It is really simple but also really tough.

Simple, by believing and acting on James 5:16.  Confess your faults to one another, pray for each other, and be healed.  There's something powerful about confession itself, not to mention the power of prayer of another one who's focused on Christ. This is a devine weapon to demolish strongholds (2 Cor10:3-5), one of which I address in my personal blog, Okay to Look at the Menu?

Tough, because I have to humble myself before another believer(s).  Our culture scorns humility.  It says the modus operandi of a real man is being puffed up, taking no prisoners, and flying by the seat of your pants.   The culture, plus our lower nature, makes humility hard to confront, especially when I'm having to confess the same weakness repeatedly to my wife or trusted brother(s).  Sometimes, it's one step forward, two back.  But if we keep coming clean, and keep trusting Christ for deliverance, we'll eventually find ourselves coming into the sunshine of liberation and God's power.

Men Who Win find liberation from sin so powerful that it is worth acquiring some humility through focusing on Christ. (Humility, not to be confused with no back bone, wimpy)  The more that genuine humility is really a part of us, the more liberated and courageous we become as Men Who Win.

Listen to my 8 minute radio show, The Key to Deliverance - Confessing the Stronghold.

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