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Sex is Sex, Love is Love?

Posted on October 18, 2007
For a long time, I thought sex is sex and love is love, and the two aren't linked.

I thought I was ethical when coming on to women. I had an honest approach, I thought. My honest approach was this: I made it clear, I'm not in love with you, but I like you. So, if the sentiment's mutual, let's hook up and enjoy ourselves.

Wasn't this honest and forthright? Well, yeah, I was being candid in what I said about not being in love, but I ignored an over-riding truth.

Sex outside a deep commitment of love (that is, marriage) always leads to someone getting hurt. It's like fire in the fire place that's warm and cozy as long as it's contained in the fire place. But if it gets on the carpet or drapes, look out!

The same is true of sex (the fire) and love (the fire place). Together, they make up truth and love. But one without the other is neither. The lack of one negates the other.

My former ignorance (or should I say denial) in this area has dearly cost me. I've emotionally paid a big price to my soul. So will anyone else who doesn't come into reality about love and truth.

With me, God still is in the process of restoring what my soul lost. He's still healing the emotional scarring. (See Click: The Promiscuity Limp)

Restoration points to the immense favor God shows us who humbly bow before Him. Humility before Him is what makes men win.

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