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Posted on January 14, 2009

In my life, there is no doubt that the devil's power has been broken
(Romans 6:6-7), but his presence is still a reality. His power is broken, but is still present. (Read my 1/15/09 blog The Devil Trying to Kick my Butt)

Even after Jesus' own victory over Satan's temptation in the desert, the Bible records that the devil "left Jesus until another opportunity" (Luke 4:13). So, you and I must consistently have a radar in place against him. It must be on full range, at all times, lest he will con us (Ephesians 6:10-11). (The process gets very tiring at times, doesn't it?)

The devil's presence is always with us. I've heard it explained as "two fields with a road between them." God's in control of one of the fields. Satan has the other one. Upon salvation, I crossed the road going from Satan's field over to God's field. I'm in a whole new, protected, realm (Colossians 1:13). But, I still can hear the devil barking orders from across the road. It is up to me whether I yield to them. The same is true with you. (I recognize God will ultimately be in charge of all fields)

I ain't listening, devil! And so, neither should you. - For my eight minute radio show about victory over assaults from porn and anger.

The Devil Trying to Kick my Butt
by Gary Chester

The devil's temptations in lust aimed at me have been so strong at times that it's been as if I've literally being down in the floor wrestling with him. During one extended period of time, his assaults came in waveshalf dozen times daily.

Even as someone who's indwelled by God's Holy Spirit, I have mentally yielded at times to the temptations. The devil has enticed me to indulge in remembrances of delightful but extraordinarily destructive images from past years of promiscuity. With such a bank of memories, I don't really need outside porn from the internet to experience a time of mental sinning. I have enough porn archived in my hard drive read more

TO THE UNSAVED: As I write this, I realize that if you've never received the gift of new life through the Holy Spirit, this blog most likely sounds like craziness and foolishness to you (I Cor 1:19). But if you're a wholehearted lover of God, you also have experienced intense battles in some kind of temptation (i.e. pride, anger, drugs, booze, materialism, shopping, etc). I'd like to know about them. If I use your story in a newsletter or blog, your identity will remain anonymous. Read More for my eight minute radio shows about victory over anger and porn.

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