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Offer Something Real

Posted on July 27, 2012

Offer Something Real

by Andy French


Sometimes it seems hard to share our faith. On one extreme we feel like we must have all of the answers to the deep questions. On another extreme we feel like sharing our testimony seems kind of hokey or unexciting and wouldn't convey the message well.


If we are to be men who win, we must approach sharing our faith in a different manner. We must offer something real. It is important to know what you believe, have a Christian worldview, have some theology that you understand and beliefs you hold dear. However, the world needs to hear you talk about forgiveness, and not always of its sins. I find that the more I speak of my own struggles, the forgiveness I've received, and the enormous debt I owe to Christ, the more people are interested and engaged. I have studied the defense of the faith for all of my Christian life and defended the faith in evangelistic and academic settings for several years. I've learned through this experience that I've been wrong in one important part of my approach. When I tell people about what the Gospel means to me, the hope I find in Christ, and the despair I would still be in without him, they are speechless. It sounds selfish but I want to talk about ME! What Christ means to me is what is so important here. Their intellectual, spiritual, or sinful hang-ups are not important right now. The important thing is that they see me at the Cross. The important thing is that they know I believe it was my sins, not just their sins, that put Him there. After sharing this, its easier to ask, "So what about you?"


Share your faith, your struggles, and your hopes with someone who needs Jesus. It just might be the thing that leads someone in your life to life in Christ. Your humility speaks more loudly than all of the great things you know about Christ and the world we live in. I often compliment my pastor when he says some things that remind me in a bold way to live the Christian life. Without fail he quotes D.T. Niles, "I'm just a beggar telling another beggar where to find bread." Remember who you are, where you've been, where you're going, who's watching, and if they're going with you! After all, you're just a beggar too.


Andy French is a board member and co-host of Men Who Win.  He is also a business owner in Murray, Kentucky. Andy will be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Men Who Win Advance.



Join with men from throughout our region who are serious in their journey to walk like Jesus.  We will encourage one another and hear testimonies from down to earth men fighting the same battles as you.  We will strengthen relationships and equip men to disciple and sharpen one another.  Don't miss this exciting opportunity to be challenged and renewed.


Begins:          Friday, August 10th   at 5:30pm

Ends:             Saturday, August 11th

 The cost is $50, make checks payable to Iron Sharpens Iron.  Reserve your spot by calling Andy French at (270) 296-0146 or emailing

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