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News about Gary Morse

Posted on September 23, 2010

As most of you know, after overcoming cancer twice, Gary was diagnosed with his second brain tumor in December 2009. After several unsuccessful treatment methods, doctors completed a very dangerous operation that removed Gary's tumor in March. In May, Gary was declared cancer free. We celebrated God's obvious healing.

In June, doctors found new cancer and again it was in the form of brain tumors. Gary has been undergoing additional treatments, but the doctors believe them all to be unsuccessful in stopping the growth of his tumors. All physician administered treatment methods have stopped. Doctors have told Gary his exit could be coming soon. We know that there is only one who knows. It is His decision when we enter and when we exit. We also know that He is 100% able to bring complete healing to Gary.

Gary has continued to write and teach. He just finished his 5-week Sunday night men's class at Heartland Worship Center where he only unexpectedly missed one class and that was because he had family members in for a special visit. He is working on a new book and hopes to have it finished here soon. He just finished producing a new song that he wrote and had Jason Wyatt record in Nashville. He continues to minister to others. He is at complete peace. He knows God is in charge. He trusts Him completely. He will continue writing and serving the Lord for as long as the Lord chooses.

In the next few weeks, you might read articles written by other members of the Iron Sharpens Iron, Inc. board. We want to continue our brother's passion for men's ministry during this trail. Please left our brother up and pray for the Lord's healing hand to allow him to remain here with us for continued service.

Your Brother in Christ,

Jamie Futrell
Iron Sharpens Iron, Inc

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