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“We just don’t go that deep.” That was the comment made after telling a story about four men who road in the same car together for two hours and never shared a meaningful conversation the entire time. The reality for most men is that we don’t communicate beyond which player was traded, what we bought at Lowe’s and a very surface response to “how’s work?”


We use the excuse, “that’s the way men are.” The reality is that while it is difficult for men to share deeper thoughts and feelings with other men, it is the way God intended. Sharing causes us to form bonds with other men. As they hear our struggles, they realize the enemy’s lies: “You’re the only one that struggles with this.” “No other man messes up like you do.” These lies are intended to separate us from the pack. We become easier prey.


He sent the disciples out in pairs - not alone. He wants us to have deep connections with other men so that we will have someone who can help us when we are in trouble.


Men Who Win is all about helping men. On August 12th & 13th we will be conducting our “Men Who Win Advance.” (An advance because Men Who Win don't retreat.) This event will be held at the place commonly known as “The Hill” ( in Hardin, Kentucky. It will be real men who have been in the trenches sharing about methods not just for survival but how to win. Would you like to join us? It is only a $50 donation.


For those of you close by, we will be holding a “warm up meeting” on July 14th with former University of Kentucky basketball player Winston Bennett to get us ready for the big event in August. If you are interested, we would love to have you join us for either or both events. Call Jim Lewis today at 270-519-0309.


Don’t keep struggling alone.


Jamie Futrell


Men Who Win

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