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Last Chance

Posted on November 6, 2013

This is your last chance.  We have a food team ready to prepare our great meals and they need to know how much food to order.  We have prayer warriors who are already praying for all the men who will attend and we want to include your name.  This Sunday is the last day we can accept registrations for the Men Who Win Advance coming up November 15th & 16th in Hardin, KY.  The registration fee is only $50 and includes 3 meals and your overnight accommodations.  Contact Andy French at (731) 571-6167 or email

The theme for this year's Advance is "The Cost of Discipleship."  Men from throughout our region will be coming together with a yearning to become more Christ like and to help other men do the same. 

We will be assisted in our journey by teaching and testimony from real men who have the scars from battle to show they know what it takes to be a man who wins.  Men like Kyle Reeder, who will speak on God's call to us to be disciples of Jesus, to die to ourselves, to take up our cross.  His message cuts hard to ask you to examine yourself, are you a Christian, are you living the life, are you walking the walk?  You'll experience the gripping testimony of a former pastor as he shares about how porn and spiritual neglect tore his home to pieces and ended a 30+ year marriage.  Now, one year sober from porn, he'll explain the pitfalls that men face and the consequences he's suffered by keeping it in the shadows. Father of six and book author, Don Watkins, will share proven methods for helping our children become disciples. 

That is just a taste of the powerful message God has been developing for years in these men, all to intersect at this appointed time in your life to make such an indelible impact that you will be moved closer to the man God is calling you to become.  A man of character.  A man of strength.  A man who wins.  This is your LAST CHANCE.  Don't hesitate, join us. Contact Andy French at (731) 571-6167 or email

Jamie Futrell


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