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Kicking a Bad Habit

Posted on September 14, 2007

The One Source that is essential to kicking a habit of porn, drugs, booze, anger, or depression is The Holy Spirit. In fact, this Source will empower you to eliminate any stronghold, including materialism and jealousy.

The media does not have a clue. Most of your friends do not avail themselves to the source. You yourself perhaps haven’t yielded to this life-giving source of power.

He’s real. He’s life altering. He's the Holy Spirit.

He would be like what eight hours of sleep is to a sleep-deprived person. What a shower would be like someone who hadn't bathed in months.

If you’ve truly had a personal encounter with God through Christ, the Holy Spirit already dwells in you. Make him more of a priority than your bad habit and watch your life change.

Embrace Him and daily yield to Him. Spend time with Him daily. Stake your all on Him and watch your destructive habit diminish.

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