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In The Trenches

Posted on September 23, 2012

Andy French


When I meet a man who is in the trenches helping other men, I stop and take notice.  Pastor Don Watkins in Paducah is such a man.  He understands that we all struggle with certain sins and strongholds that can become an addiction that is hard to break.  I learned about his upcoming study to help people with addiction or understanding addiction and asked him to give me more information...Here's what he sent.


Hi, my name is Don.  I am a recovering idolator.  You've probably never heard anyone introduce themselves this way at a twelve-step recovery group.  But if counselor and author Dr. Ed Welch is correct in his understanding of addiction, this may be a more accurate way to introduce ourselves.  His take, which can be read about in his book Addictions-A Banquet in the Grave, is that rather than addiction being a disease, addiction is a worship disorder, a disorder that every human being who has ever lived is afflicted with. 


Welch's book's sub-title is Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel.   In the twelve chapters of this excellent work he points us all to the cross to find the power we need to overcome addiction, and in a broader sense, to overcome sin.  Even though the main focus is on drug and alcohol addiction, the basic ideas he sets forth are relevant to all kinds of sin that are not easily cast off (Are there any that are?)

Welch finds the Bible chocked full of helps for those who struggle with addiction, showing us that the roots of our problems are not in our body but in our soul.


Gary Morse, the late founder of Men Who Win, had a heart for those who battled addictions.  Gary and I were good friends and ministered together on occasion to help men with their problems.  The last person Gary introduced me to before he died was a man who had a drinking problem.  Gary wanted me to meet him and possibly develop a helping relationship. He invited both of us to his home but pretty quickly Gary said he needed to go to bed and get some rest. He told us to keep the conversation going without him.  I often think of Gary when I am around him, thankful for the way the Lord used Gary to put us together.


I fell into the drug scene myself as a college student back in the early 70s and for a few years allowed myself to be controlled by various drugs.  It was when Christ came into my life that I had the motivation and the power to overcome my addiction. The Lord put me to work on the staff of a Christian drug treatment center in Pompano Beach, FL for five years where I gained a foundational education in helping addicts.  Or should I say, helping those, like myself, who have a worship disorder.  I seek to do that in my work as a full-time pastor at New Geneva Community Church and also as an adjunct professor of psychology and counseling at Mid-Continent University.


I am going to be leading a twelve week study of Welch's book on Wednesday evenings, from 7-8:30 pm, beginning September 26th.  This will be held in Lone Oak at 115B Noah Cove at the New Geneva facility.  I invite those men who want help with an addiction of any kind, those who want to help others who are addicted, or those who simply want to know more about addiction.  I'd love it if you'd let me know you plan on coming.  Also I can give you information about how to get a copy of the book. 


You can reach me at or 270-564-2949.

Yours for the Gospel,

Dr. Don Watkins



I highly encourage anyone who wants to help others with addiction or needs help with addiction to contact Don immediately.  He knows how to address the problems we all face with the strongholds in our lives.  Through the power of Christ, there is hope!


Andy French

Board Member, Men Who Win


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