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How Much Is Your Freedom Worth

Posted on July 3, 2014


by Andy French, Men Who Win Radio Host

I have always been interested in history and politics.  The processes of change that formed nations and their cultures is interesting and opens your eyes to many things.  This time of year it is worth asking, "How much is your freedom worth?"

We're surrounded with political messages about what we have a right to, and what we are entitled to as Americans.  At this same moment in history there are other nations fighting dictators and regimes that don't hesitate to spill blood in continuing the oppression.  It makes me ask, "How much is your freedom worth?"

I listen to the news and hear people ready to trade freedoms for promises of political or social security.  The freedoms they would trade they didn't earn nor do they know how they were gained.  They think freedoms and rights are things to be traded back and forth for political gain or made part of negotiations to make all sides happy.

It makes me wonder, how much is your freedom in Christ worth?  Would you trade it for anything?  This year, in the midst of fireworks, barbeques, and spending time with family, take a few minutes to ask what things are trying to take your freedoms in Christ away?  The enemy we face is in the business of getting men to trade their freedom in Christ for compromise in their faith.  The strongholds we struggle with are matters of freedom.  Fight to be free of the strongholds.  Remember, Christ died for you and fighting the strongholds is worth the battle.  Let us be as ready to face these demons with the same honesty and resolve as our Founding fathers were to face the enemy at the battle lines.  We are defending something more precious than political rights and freedoms, we are fighting for the freedom we have in Christ.  Returning to the bondage and shackles of the old self is not an option, run to the battle lines.

Andy French serves as one of our radio host and is a board member of Men Who Win.  In addition to being a husband and father, he is a business owner in Murray, Kentucky.

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