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Heart Versus Behavior Change

Posted on September 28, 2007
Heart transformation or behavior change Ė which reveals more about whether a person is becoming like Christ?

I say heart transformation. Why?

Take my friend, Ron, 50 years old, a new Christian of one year. Ronís been in prison and is presently on parole. Heís rough, has relationship problems and is easily ticked off. Ron's still a long way from a mature Christian.

But Christ is growing at the center of Ronís heart. Heís considerably different than a year ago. He's been fired less this year from jobs. And he only cheezes off only half as many people as he used to. He's gradually allowing the Holy Spirit to control his mind. Romans 8:6

Considering the abuse and neglect he suffered as a child and the long years in rebellion against God, his progress, in my view, is remarkable. A testament to Godís love. You see, itís all about Ronís heart.

Guess what? Ron's behavior change is slowly catching up with his heart transformation. (Philippians 1:6)

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