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Critical Strategy for Joy in 2012

Posted on December 17, 2011  · View Comments

By Men Who Win  Founder Gary Chester Morse (1945-2010)

Here is your critical strategy to joy. This is a sure, true game plan, despite the nation's money meltdown, your own personal meltdown, and whatever else that could rob you of your joy.

FOCUS ON OTHERS, not yourself. (Philippians 2:3-4)

There it is - Joy for the New Year.

People who are sold out to that which is greater than themselves - helping family and friends, or those less fortunate - get the most "bang" out of life. They are more joyous -- not a continuous high, mind you, but a happier "bang" than the ones who are always looking out for "good ole number one."

You'll be the recipient of more "kick" out of life than the one thinking "money will solve my problems, and success will make me happy," as Man in the Mirror's Patrick Morley puts it.

You'll possess more inner peace than the one who stands before the mirror watching his or her life drain away (wrinkle city, here you come).

TURN THE SPOTLIGHT OFF - off yourself. Forget your own self-importance, your aches and pains, your feelings and fears. Instead get busy focusing on others.

The terminally ill know this truth. You work out priorities quickly when you're near death. No one, who's about to cash in the chips, ever wished he'd bought that new car or spent more time at the office. What does matter is what you did for others will continue to exist after you're gone.

Everything else is this myth that is perpetuated by the media: "More things and more worldly success equal wholeness of life." What a crock. Don't buy it.

(Philippians 2:3-4).
 Editors Note:
It is our belief at Men Who Win, that if a community and families are to change, men first have to change. The driving force and purpose of Men Who Win - is to challenge, train, and build up guys so they can live out God's purpose, power, and life. Sounds strikingly similar to The Great Commission, doesn't it?
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