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Christians Prescription Medicated

Posted on November 29, 2007  · View Comments

Does anyone think we all need drugs today?

Ever notice in this new century how many people are on prescription mood-altering medication?  Both  non-Christians and Christians. 

For young adults, tt's almost like drinking coffee.   The Nashville Tennessean reported roughly 40% of incoming freshmen at Nashville area universities in a recent year were on prescription drugs.

Even among boomers, many feel the need for mood altering medications.  What seems to be an unprecedented numbers of followers of Christ are even now medicinally altered.

It is true that drugs sometimes can be wonderful rescues in this high tech world in which we live.  Thanks to modern meds, we don't, as our great grand parents did, have to endure as much suffering.  I'm thankful for that.  I'm grateful how mood enhancers temporarily sustained a close friend of mine the year after her complete hysterectomy.  Another friend turned to them for a short time after a spouse left their long-term marriage for a lover.  In these instances, drug usage was for a specific crisis and ceased after the initial shock passed.

But what about the throngs of Christians legally using for years and years?  My main concern for my fellow believers is this: 
  • Are the prescriptions becoming substitutes for God's ample grace and power to empower and sustain us during our time of need (Heb 4:16)? 
  • Does long-term drug use numb us from becoming more Christ like (Romans 8:29) because they anesthetize us from experiencing transformations of the spiritual (1 Pe 5:6-7)? 
  • Are we merely putting off unforeseen but inevitable consequences from side-effects of long term dependence that will prove to be harmfully staggering to us emotionally, physically, and spiritually  (1John 3:7)?  (Read my blog, My Week on Weed)

If we're not on guard (1 Pe 5:8), the methods thought by this world to meet our needs can so easily deceive  even a child of Christ.  If you personally are being deceived, please be assured that when the bottom falls out, God our loving Father will be there with his arms wide open to you, just as he was with the prodical son (Luke 15:20).  He will take your unintended abuse of the blessings of modern medicine and use it for your good and to his glory (1 John 3:1).  He'll nurture you back into intimate, tender fellowship in which he again becomes your strength and power.  He is faithful that way to men and women who win.

CAUTION: I'm don't intend in any way to give medical advice.  Be sure to check with your doctor prior to stopping any prescribed medicines. 

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