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Big Bang Within

Posted on October 4, 2007
The Big Bang theory now carries the day among the world’s prominent scientists. Unlike only 50 years ago, when many thought the universe always existed, most today believe there was a precise start-up moment. This released into existence life and the universe. There’s another kind of big bang. This one occurs the moment we genuinely accept and experience God’s forgiveness for the first time. Jesus died to save you and me from our rebellion against him. This includes our refusing to get seriously honest about the acts that isolate us not only from God, but also from our family. I’m talking about secret sins like porn and drugs. Mental attitude sins like envy of someone's position or possessions. We sometimes even refuse to ruthlessly confront our bad temper and it’s destructive effect on our loved ones. When we truly acknowledge our natural bent toward rebellion and warmly welcome the amazing gift of God's forgiveness, a big bang occurs within us. This releases us into the beginning of a new life of joy and purpose, and we become men who win. Why do we win? Because we no longer feel guilt or condemnation for the mean, low down things we’ve done. A thing of enormous liberation! (Romans 8:11)
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