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Posted on January 2, 2009

Get ready. If a train wreck already hasn't occurred to you - economic reversal, illness, loss of a loved one, family problem - you'd better get prepared. The train wreck thatcouldchange your life is ahead. This is not gloom and gloom on my part.** This is just life. And it can be good.

Unexpected land mines are just a fact of life for everyone. This is the reason we need to start learning to trust Christ prior to the events that turn our world on its head. We need to deepen our relationship with Him by saturating ourselves now with his sure, true and reliable Word.

If we don't learn to trusthisWordnow in quieter times, we'lltend not to trust Him when the tsunami hits. (Read my 1/02/09 blog about how Iprepared for the most turbulent time in my life when I lived in nine places in a five year period)

Begin to immerse yourself in God's Word now. Start memorizing verses. Know them like the back of your hand. (If you needtips on how to do this, email me.

Additionally, learn how to pray with someone closest to you - your spouse, sibling, or tight bud. Thereisimmense strength and power when two or or moreintimates come together and get on our knees before Him (Matthew 18:19-20).

Above all, don't get isolated.Isolation guarantees youblind spots. There is no such thing as a strong, tender, mature, and Rambo Christian. It is a contradiction in terms. Such a creature doesn't exist. God didn't make us to be lone rangers.He created us for a deep connection with both Him and with other Christians.

If you're unaccustomed and uncomfortable with praying with another, start with this short, simple prayer:

Lord Jesus, we together yield our lives as completely to you as we know how. Have mercy on us.We confess our sinfulness to you. Give us your blessing today. We're desperate for you. Amen.

Then watch how God will bring about remarkable things in 2009.

**Please don't misinterpret this piece. Don't let it encourage you to start worrying about tomorrow - which wastefully usestoday's grace for something that may or may not occur. The biblical strategy is to convert our worries into prayers. This leads us away from worry andenables us into trustGod's sovereignty.

Happy New Year!
Gary Chester Morse

Rescued From Six Years of Upheaval
by Gary Chester

Back in the 1980's it seemed my life was at the bottom of a deep pit. I had a divorce, a business failure, financial ruin, and separation my children that I loved so much.

The divorce and business failure left me with a few clothes, an old Nova, and some odds and ends of furniture that my former wife had discarded. My life was in turmoil. I ended up living in nine places over five years. I was so broke that I was forced to live with my Mom for two of those tumultuous years in order to make... read more


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