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Posted on October 3, 2008
Americans are reeling form recent mega bank busts and proposed unimaginable massive government bail-outs.

My own 401Ks this year have dropped 25% in value. Whew! (Read my blog 401Ks - Today's Golden Idol).

If my identity in Christ wasn't strong (Romans 12:3), I might be more antsy.But I turned today toDaniel 2:21 forGod's big picture perspective:

He changes times and seasons(NIV).
World events are under his control (LB).
He guides history (MSB).

It helps me to realize all human calamities stem from the fact, as scholar Huston Jones put it: "The first human screwed up along the way, and it entered the bloodstream - the gene pool - and then on down to us." So how can we expect anything else but repercussions from man's original fall and sin.

This original fall continues on and on with its consequences. It has spurred the present crisis from risky financial adventures encouraged byour federal government itself (i.e.corrupt business practices of hybrid private-governmental corporations, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac).

So, I must keep in mind, and so should you, as a child of God, that our real security is found only in a deep connection with the One who came back from the dead after beingin the gravefor three days. Now that's something we can take to the bank.

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