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A Few Days Left

Posted on November 5, 2014

I have sent emails.  Made phone calls.  Called in favors.  I have worked hard to get the word out.  Sometimes you just know something is going to be exceptional.  That is the way I feel about this year’s Men Who Win Advance.


This year’s event is “Don't Give Up.” Don't give up! You need to hear that message!  You know other men who have been discouraged! One of our special guest is an expert at this subject. Once you hear his story, I promise you will feel as impressed with him as I am. Edgar Harrell is a World War II survivor. He was on board the USS Indianapolis when it was torpedoed by the Japanese in the Pacific. His story is incredible.  He survived seemingly in surmountable odds in order to live. He gives all the credit to Jesus. You will love this man. He is a genuine hero.  In my opinion opportunities to meet men like Ed only come around once in a lifetime. 


I think there are many men that need to hear the messages that we will share at this year’s event.  The conference will be, November 21st and 22nd.  I know, it is in the middle of deer season, but it was the only date that works for Ed. Trust me, you will not miss the deer stand at all.  I am including a link to our registration form. If there ever was a year that we were to completely fill up the conference, I think this is the year. Ed is remarkable. And the other men that are coming to share will impact your life as well.  Make your plans now to attend the 2014 Men Who Win Advance in Hardin, KY.


Our registration ends November 14th so there are only a few days left.  Please take action today and push the others you know that need to hear this to take action too.  This could be the weekend that changes everything for you or him, or both. 

Jamie Futrell
Men Who Win

P.S. - Don't let yourself have an excuse.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me 1-270-534-2214.


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