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Posted on December 11, 2008
I received two powerful responses from my 12/4/04 blog about so many Christian men's battles against unwanted memories of experiences from either past sexual encounters or porn habits. I think you'll find them quite effective.
Here's one from Randall Staley in London UK:
You requested solutions for the return of unwantedimages of either porn or past sexual encounters. What I do with the men who come to me for help with this problem, either on a one to one basis or on my Living Waters programme does have quite a high success rate.
Our imaginations can be cleansed by an act of our will. It is not possible to be free of these images by just trying to push them aside or bury them deep in our minds. They will come back to our conscious mind again whether we choose to invite them in a weak moment or whether they come as a temptation.
However, to be free of the image or memory you need to have a cleansed imagination. By an act of your will, come before God and hold the image or memory before Himopenly andinvite Jesus to come and be Lord there in all His glory, asking Him to take the power out of the image and cleanseyour mind. When Jesus is invited into darkness as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the darkness is transformed by His glory and purity. Your will controls what you allow yourself to see in your mind. By surrendering the image or memory to the real presence of Christ it can be changed and no longer be a problem. This has worked successfully for countless numbers of men to whom I have ministered.
My brother, if Randall Staley's solution works for you, please let me know, okay? I'll keep your response anonymous.
Meanwhile, next week I'll post a different strategy that God has given another brother.
Together, we can be men who win in this battle that entraps so many Christian men.

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