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Posted on June 28, 2013

by Gary Chester Morse (1945-2010)


How do we know if we're a child of God?  Jesus phrased it born again.  Paul used the term a new creation in the Holy Spirit?

In other words, how can we know if we are truly saved?

We can ask ourselves some questions to help us assess if we're a new creation in Christ: 


1) Do I tend to want to stay clear of conversations about Christ?

2) Does my desire for success, reputation and earthly delights easily arise within me while I'm mostly indifferent about things of Christ?

3) Do I tend to believe that I can do enough good things to redeem myself in order to get into God's good graces?  In other words, if I do more good than bad, then am I "good to go" spiritually?

4) Am I the same inside as I was before my "conversion" -- that is, when I said yes to Christ, to forgive me of my sins and save me?

5) Can I sense my heart growing fonder of him and of those around me, especially other followers of Christ? 

6) Am I becoming more comfortable with facing the reality of death, knowing I am ultimately meant for another world? 


7) Is my faith life becoming more active in serving others?

Did you answer any of questions 1, 2, 3 or 4 with yes, or any of questions 5, 6 or 7 with no?  If so, it is possible you may not be in a saving relationship with Christ (only you really know), even if you serve in church.

If this is your situation, may I suggest you start asking the Lord to show you where you are with Him.  You perhaps should meet immediately with a pastor or elder of a Bible based church, and talk about it.

There is not a more important issue than being sure you are sure - and specifically why you are assured.

All who are truly saved can be secure not only in their salvation, but in a Spirit-filled walk with Christ.  This doesn't mean that if you ever have some doubts (many of us do from time to time) that you're lost.  But you certainly want to arrive at a place to put those doubts to rest.

Men Who Win know that to rest in Him is from where our inner strength and joy spring- (Isaiah 30:15&18). 





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