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A Band of Brothers by Jim Lewis

Posted on October 14, 2010

Occasionally something great will happen in your life.  Something life transforming happens and you are caught up and a part of something that changes you forever.  That is exactly what happen to me.  However, it did not start out that way.

Even as Christians we can get hurt, beat down and live in defeat.  I call it a sick heart.  It happens.  It happened to me.  During this time, for two to three years, I prayed that God would send a friend to help me walk out of my sick heart and live in freedom and victory.

It seemed like God was not ever going to answer my desperate prayer, but then He answered in an explosively big way.  GARY MORSE CALLED!  He was needy too!  We sensed a need to get together, to be real, to take off the masks and try to walk the walk God wanted for our lives.  This was it!  The answered prayer!  Little by little, slowly, patiently we walked through the mud and the crud.

The world has had enough of dead religion.  Gary was not religious.  He was genuine.  He was the real deal.  Committed to authenticity.  Gary brought truth down into the street language of the everyday man.  He rocked my world, this very real friend.

I guess that is why Jesus sent men out by twos.  That two men would rock each others world and these two transformed men would rock the world around them.  Gary always said, "Before anything can happen somebody has got to take a risk."  That was Gary's way.  Be a risk taker.  Take the risk to open up your life, be transparent and reach out as a real friend to another needy man.

I am so thankful he took that risk with me.  My world was changed.  The overflow of what God did through an authentic friendship, man to man, face to face changed others lives also.  As a result, a Band of Brothers was formed.  MEN WHO WIN!  I was made a part of something great.  I was made a part of a band of men, locking arms, living transformed lives in strength.

I believe our challenge is to spread this man revolution.  This Jesus transforming men revolution.  Gary passed through my life and the lives of a community of men and made us strong.  Gary has left us strong!

Let's take the challenge!
Let's be real - authentic!
Let's not allow religiosity in our lives!
Let's be risk takers!
Let's reach out and be a real friend to another man!
Let's be a part of a Band of Brothers to reach out to the world!
You are invited to be a part of something GREAT!

Jim Lewis
Men Who Win

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