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Tight Buds Can Prevent Suicides

Posted on March 13, 2010

Amazingly, suicides now outnumber homicides.** 

But why is this?  A major cause is that most people, especially men, don't have an inner circle of confidants - one or two tight buds with whom you can get real with when the props are knocked out from under us.  These brothers serve more than just as a sounding board.

Because of their brotherly love, they will also speak truth to you about how your feelings are leading you to draw desperate, whacky conclusions about your situation, e.g. divorce, job loss, huge debt, bitter relationships, or in my own case today, an on-going life and death fight with brain cancer.

So, in a stupid moment that deceives you into thinking you have a solution from the hopelessness and despair that will put you in control, instead, you put yourself at the point of no return.

But this is not true if you have cultivated a true friend/confidant or two.  You don't see whole-hearted Christians who aren't able to overcome momentous suffering, even when they have morally screwed up because of flaws in the flesh, or because of circumstances that have occurred beyond their control.  It just doesn't happen.  This is a biblical truth of grace and mercy.  So, embrace it.

Start to get honest with yourself, with God, and with an inner circle of confidants, about the need you have to overcome life's battles.  God may just use my blog to alert you to the immense benefits of soulful bonds with other men.  I plead with you to take a big risk this week!  Start to identify and cultivate such a brother or two.  While an investment of time is required, hardly a better earthly reward exists for a man.

Here are links from two chapters my book, Save the Males, which will very practically and simply guide you toward taking some first steps to identify some deep-spirited brothers for your own life.

A Friend a Man Can Call at 2AM

Confronting a Man's Big Questions

Hopelessness, despair and isolation don't have to be yours!
**Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2009

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