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Only One Thing to Take with You to Heaven

Posted on June 10, 2010

Do you know what the only thing is you can take with you to heaven?

Before I reply, let's first establish how do you absolutely know if you died today that you personally will go to heaven?

Through numerous scriptures, the Bible makes it really clear how to gain eternal life. God created His only begotten son to be the sacrificial offering for your sins. This is how you are made right with Him. Jesus Christ himself suffered your punishment. 

God's salvation is pretty simple, but the plan could be challenging for your pride to swallow. You turn from your sins, your own rebellion, your own self-serving agenda, and turn to God. You totally give your life to Christ through child-like faith. If you genuinely give your heart to Him by trusting Him, you will be saved.

Okay, now the answer to the question:  What is the only thing that you can take with you to heaven? OTHER PEOPLE! You can take others to heaven with you by telling them about God's willingness to adopt them into His family through the blood of His Son.  (It, of course, might help if our own behavior could more and more resemble Christ's life. Romans 8:29)

What a privilege and joy it will be to have taken some others with us to heaven.  Got anyone in mind that you personally could tell the age-old, Good News story to?

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