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Nip An Anger Habit Pt 2

Posted on May 13, 2010

Some years ago God convicted me of my dire need for a radical solution to an anger habit after a blow up with my step-sons in which I temporarily but seriously damaged my relationship with them.

God's solution turned out to be found in a book**.   I took from it five truths that I have made an integral part of me.  I periodically review these truths to try to make sure they stay a part of me.

Here are three of the five truths.  (The first two were explained in my 5/6/10 blog)

3) I don't give advice when I know my suggestion is unwanted.  (I'm still in need of great improvement on this one)

4) I can express my needs to those around me, but I shouldn't expect them to be required to oblige me.

5) I accept the fact that life is hard and that to anticipate anything but a lot of pain in life is just not reality.  This also applies to a believer's life.  To be a devoted Christian is not a teddy bear existence.  The Bible is quite clear about this although at the same time, through hardships, we can expect enormous peace and joy due to a deep, satisfying relationship with Christ. 

Here is truly hopeful news.  Even if you grew up in an anger-driven environment, you --  under the empowerment of God's Holy Spirit and with the help of a close accountability friend or two -- can triumph an anger habit that can destroy good relationships.

By the way, when you slip off the plate and blow up at someone, be laser quick to apologize even if you think the other person initially wronged you and deserved a tongue-lashing.  If you've lost your temper, it doesn't matter if the other person has personally offended you, the point is that flying off the handle is always wrong and counter-productive.

And if you need to apologize and eat crow, remember it always goes down easier when it's warm.

God will greatly reward you for your apology and humility in ways you cannot imagine.

**The Anger Workbook by Les Carter and Frank Minirth. - Gary has eight minute podcasts that provide helpful, practical solutions to overcoming anger.  Look for "Controlling Anger" on the right side of the home page.

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