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My Brain Tumors Are Back

Posted on July 15, 2010

My brain tumors are back and growing. This makes my third battle with brain cancer. I went through hard chemo a few years ago and then high-risk brain surgery and radiation earlier this year.

I'm now on a new chemo in hopes it will slow the growth of the tumor, perhaps will even bring it into remission, or maybe even bring a cure (and what about believing for a supernatural miracle!).

This new development will affect what blogs I'll be able to get to you, and I wanted to alert you. And, of course, I covet your prayers, as we know that they move the hand of God.

My wife, Ro, and I believe that in faith our most powerful, sovereign God can do anything. We, of course, don't know what exactly that always means. Our faith is being stretched for sure, but our hope is being bolstered through trusting His love for us.  He equips us supernaturally to endure these trials. 

I write to testify to you that we're not being consumed by these circumstances but to find ourselves more consumed in the trust we are placing in God. For the vast part, both Ro and I have an inner deep peace thanks to the power of His Holy Spirit living within us.

Ro and I are expecting God to rescue us once again in order to demonstrate his great kindness and goodness. We just don't know His definition of "rescue".

I am convinced that if we could know how pleasing to God our suffering really is, and how much it helps in acquiring tremendous blessings, we would never seek consolation in anything else, but would rather look upon it as a great happiness to bear the cross of the Lord.

Bottom line is our faith grows stronger as we walk in darkness - totally dependent on Him. We praise Him whatever it is He has in store. 

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

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