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Ladies, His Becoming What You Want Him Already to Be

Posted on August 26, 2010

Ladies, I'd like your opinion on this.  Please email me.

If you treat a truly saved man as if he is already everything you want him to be, he'll eventually become it.  (This could be true even if he usually behaves more worldly than Godly)

Rather than being frustrated with him, focus your prayers toward loving him as if he is already everything you wants him to be.  So, ask yourself what attitudes and what hard things would the Lord be personally telling you differently to do than what you are now doing.

For example, you might pray that you will not be antagonistic over his procrastination to timely take out the trash.  Or you might pray that he will spend more time with the children rather than being such a sofa spud.

If you really want change, and if you want God's will to be done, God eventually will manifest a change in His heart - and in yours - in due time. 
Men, meantime, be mindful that God has designated you to be the spiritual leader-servant in your home (Ephesians 5:25-32), but this is not the case in most marriages.  Usually the woman walks  closer with the Lord than you do.  But I ask, why wouldn't you commit to drawing closer to Him?  When you do, you'll simultaneously draw nearer to her, too.
Depend on the Lord to solve your conflict.  It is slow, slow soul work but well worth your marriage to make the commitment. -- Build better marriages; control anger; kick porn/drugs; overcome depression; and come into repentance and the love of the Lord.

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