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Posted on April 17, 2008
A woman's physical beauty has immense power.  It can sexually trigger a man.  God wired us that way.  And it's a very good thing.
But when a man conjures up desires of possession of a woman not his, somebody always is injured.  It's like fire out of the fireplace on the carpet.  It's like the nicotine in smokes - always harmful in nature although the destruction is not immediately obvious.
Here's the dilemma for a disciple of Christ:  In a culture that glorifies destructive sex, how can a man avoid the temptation of the forbidden (ah, seemingly the best) in his mind (Matthew 5:27-28) when the lure is rampant on our most pervasive mode of electronic communication - the Internet?
An indispensable tactic is admission of the struggle to one or two confidants when undergoing temptation or experiencing failure, or better yet, prior to temptation (Each of us knows where and when we're susceptible).  Getting honest with a trusted buddy robs our lower nature and our Enemy of their power over us and the ability to shame us with guilt (James 5:16).  (Question:  Should you confide in your wife?  Read my blog)
If you've never been straight-up candid with a confidant, the thought can be intimidating and threatening -- like the first time you had to speak in front of people.  But in my years of personally confronting my own sin battles, along with my discipling and building up other men, I've personally cannot think of a single instance of a fellow struggler who's experienced consistent, long term victory without such courageous honesty.  The reason is it's a God created supernatural weapon (2 Cor 10:4&5) for men who win.
Tell me, do you agree????  Disagree????
Listen to my two 8 minute radio shows about the issue for possibly a perspective you haven't thought about:
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