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In Remission and On To The Mission

Posted on May 20, 2010

Dear Men Who Win ministry friends:gary morse

My docs this week pronounced me at this time in remission from cancer.  It was a welcomed report, especially considering this is the third time since '03 I've come into remission after three battles with lymphoma (two of them in the brain).

I am convinced that I am where I am today because of the enormous, persistent prayer covering and support I've received, for which I am most grateful.

I'll have to tell you that during this past half year of chemo, brain surgery, and radiation, it became a mental chore for me to to read the Word and even at times to pray.  I sometimes felt a distance from God during my suffering.  But the Lord was faithful to provide a very specific solution - scriptures on audio.  I'd listen and pray back to God what I was hearing on audio CD.  This kept me close to Him.  This was just another testimony of how we can trust God even when life is in the pitts.  (BTW my personal preference of scripture on audio is NLT from Tyndale)

Now that I'm in remission - whether it be for just months or for the rest of my life - I believe I see more clearly than ever how the Lord desires for us to constantly go deeper with Him and to experience his passion and love for us.  To draw nearer to Him empowers us to be more generous with our lives.  By opening up to others, we prompt others to open up with God. (Matt 5:14-16 Msg Bible)

In remission and on to the mission.  God has a mission for you, too.  And it will be a grand adventure.

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