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Posted on June 5, 2008
(I recognize this newsletter is out of my area of expertise, but I can't resist the temptation to weigh in on our culture's hot topic of losing weight)

Here in 49 words is the bottom line of what a kajillion books essentially say about how to drop pounds:

1) Eat many many more dark green veggies and fresh fruits.
2) Eat far fewer light colored veggies and starches (breads, rice and pasta)
3) Drink 8 large glasses of water daily.
4) Reduce your junk food, fried foods, and sugars by far more than half.
5) Exercise and break a sweat almost daily. (I Titus 4:8)

And there in a nutshell is what most weight-reduction experts are advising us. By taking these 49 words to heart, we'll drop pounds. Not only that, but our stomachs will feel full, and we'll begin to feel more perky and peppy within 6 months. So why don't you and I make these 49 words to heart? Two reasons that we don't:
 1) We've become stubbornly addicted to junk food, soft drinks, sweets, and booze, many of which are immersed in trans/saturated fats with unhealthy chemical infusions.
But the one who rose from the dead can give us the power to become free of our addictions (Philippians 4:13) if we really, really want Him to.
With perseverance, new taste preferences can be cultivated within 6 weeks, when food is cooked with the right seasonings (spices, herbs, etc). Learning to cook just a few key sumptuous meals with such seasoning is relatively easy and inexpensive with practice.
2) Another reason is our resistance to daily exercise. But like regularly brushing and flossing our teeth, regular exercise produces in us wonderful, pain-saving rewards.  (1 Titus 4:8)
For me, I'm personally too busy to take time out for gyms and pools and the like, so I stay with regiments I can do consistently, conveniently and without a lot of preparation/travel time involved. Just as with avoiding ungodly sexual temptations and over-the-top materialism, it is hard for us westerners to resist the nearly irresistible lure of destructive habits.  (1 Cor 6:19-20)
But isn't it interesting that sugar, good fats, salt, material things, and steamy marital sex can be good and pleasurable for us --  all being from Christ (James 1:17) -- as long as we have them in balance (Ecclesiastes 3:17-18). But a fine line exists between what's good and what's dangerously destructive to us. For the man who wins, it is crucial we abide in Him (John 15:5b) in order to discover the right balance. I now must confess my own hypocrisy in writing this newsletter. You see, I mostly follow the crowd on these matters. I'm all too often unfaithful to the 49 words I write.  Read my blog about why I resist losing my 30 pounds of excess weight.

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