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Gary Teaches Sunday Night Classes

Posted on August 12, 2010

Gary Chester Morse will be co-teaching Sunday night men's classes in August and September. 

The classes will be at 6pm in Heartland Worship Center, across from the community college in Paducah, starting 8/22/10.

Here's our subject line-up:

How to face your personal fears so that you can begin to open yourself up to God and his desire for you -- which is to live out a personal powerful, transformed life abandoned to him. 

How to forgive those around you, as well as how to forgiveYOURSELF!

How to recognizeTHE sin that is like a mosquito bite compared to others, but it is the corruption that keeps most men from living out transformed lives.  You can easily spot this sin in others, but like bad breath, you can hardly detect it in yourself.

How to get started forming your own inner circle of confidants to encourage you and to help keep you on track in your walk with Christ.  If you're not in such a small group, you're really not in church.

How to teach your children to love God whether your children are either children or adults.

ALSO:  How God is drawing my wife, Ro, and me personally closer than ever to Christ during my continuous trials with life-threatening brain cancer.  I am convinced that if we could know how pleasing to God our suffering really is, and how much it helps in acquiring enormous blessings, we would never seek consolation in anything else, but would rather look upon it as a great happiness to bear the cross of our Lord.

All married and all single men of all ages and of all religious backgrounds are invited.

Gary is with Men Who Win Ministries and with Heartland Worship's ministry to men.  Heartland Worship's Jimmie Cunningham and Larry Choate will partner with Gary.  Gary's email: - helping men to control anger; kick porn/drugs; overcome depression; and build better marriages.

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