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Posted on November 5, 2009
During our nation's present economic woes, suicides are up significantly.  Money and job problems can push a person prone to depression over the top.
My Dad took his own life because of depression.  My Mom had periodical meltdowns.  Both my grandmother and great grandmother had to be institutionalized at times because of depression.  I'm also prone to meltdowns, sometimes seemingly for no particular reason.
Great leaders of the past suffered meltdowns including Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln, and Charles Spurgeon.  Even Billy Graham says he's had "moments of great discouragement".
Some years ago, a pivotal turning point occurred to help me win over depression.  I had been in my longest bout --nearly a year.  Spiritually, I was dry and barren, like parched ground in a desert.  I felt disconnected from my wife and children.  Even in my long-time habit of morning quiet time with the Lord, I couldn't sense God's presence.  It seemed as if I were showing up every morning for our time together, but God wasn't.
During this time, the Holy Spirit - the One God sends to all those surrendered to Him - started to whisper to me and impressed my inner spirit with this message: I should confess some hidden struggles to a close male friend and have him pray with me (James 5:16).
But there was a small hitch.  I realized I really didn't have a friend, a tight bud.  Like most men, I had acquaintances but not a real confidant to whom I could bare my soul.
Despite this lack of a real friend, a guy I hadn't seen in a year kept coming across my mind.  I remembered how this guy, Jim, prayed.  When he prayed, there was something there that connected with the heavens.  His prayers were so heartfelt and real and humble.  I knew that Jim was the kind of man I needed to pray with me, but I still didn't contact him.
My spiritual dryness continued to escalate that year.  In desperation I finally got up the nerve to call this acquaintance. I now know for certain that God put Jim across my mind.  Guess what?  Jim was in the exact same spiritual place as I.  So, we agreed to meet and pray.  
I had to do some soul-searching prior to our initial meeting, as I didn't know if I actually could muster the courage to confess and talk about certain struggles.  But I did it despite my fears.  On that day, God began a long work of restoration and healing in both of us that is still going on to this day.
It's been many years that I've been in authentic fellowship (now along with two other brothers).  My faith, enjoyment of God and inner joy have bumped up because of it.  And I haven't experienced any prolonged times of spiritual dryness and meltdowns since then.  
Isn't it amazing how God rewards any child of his who's real with Him and with others.
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