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Posted on March 12, 2009

100 mph with their hair on fire.  That's how many are blowing through life.  The turbo-pace is chocked full of stress and irritability.
The hyper pace is not without unintended consequences.  My 90 year old Aunt Willie senses that people are under much more of a strain today compared to earlier less affluent, less rushed times.  She notices people formerly enjoyed life more, even though they had less, but also were less stressed.  And stress levels can be even higher because of today's increasing abandonment of Christianity, social chaos, not to mention our recent financial meltdown.
A reason for stress is the so-called gap factor.  Stress is that gap between unrealistic expectations and reality.  A way to help close this gap is to add margins to our lives.
I'm told a page in a book is 43% margin - white space. Because of the white space, the page reads well.  We'd do life easier with more margins - with more appointments to do nothing, to recharge our batteries (but not becoming bisquit brains in front of the plug-in drug - TV.
A dinner plate filled high and wide to the brim uncomfortably packs too much food in us.  We'd actually live life fuller leaving some space on the plate of life.
When reflecting on the life of Jesus, I observe he didn't seem to go at a turbo pace.  He didn't try to heal every disease in his area.  He didn't try to visit or teach everybody.  He seemed to know something about having limits; that it's okay to have them.
I notice that with myself that margins and plate space enable me to more accurately sense God's calling on me to do very specific acts of service.  Read my 3/12/09 blog.
Of course, adding margins and plate space doesn't mean slacking.  God definitely frowns on slacking - Proverbs 10:4, Hebrews 6:12 and 2Thes 3:10.  It instead is about narrowing life's focus (learning to say no to The Hyper Pace) to just the few very special things God has for each of use to do (Gal 5:4) and taking time to commune with him and relax with and enjoy others.
Try it.  You'll like it. 
Listen to my 8 minute radio show The Cost of Winning the Rat Race.

Allowing More Time to Hear from God
by Gary Chester

On Thursday of last week, I realized I had some open slots in my schedule.  Being keenly aware of some strictly business appointments I needed to make, I thought I should immediately set up appointments for early the next week.  I knew they could evolve into some extra $$ wampum needed in these times of increasingly tight dollars. 
But rather than impulsively setting up the appointments, I instead prayed  read more



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