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AN INNER CIRCLE - Optional or Crucial?

Posted on May 30, 2008
AN INNER CIRCLE - Optional or Crucial? newsletter Hardly any Christian men have one, so why should you think you should personally invest in the time and risk of cultivating an inner circle of deep spirited friends? To answer the question, let's turn to some heroes of ours. Jesus had his own inner circle - John, Peter and James. King David had Jonathon. Paul relied on Timothy and Silas. In more recent history, Abraham Lincoln found strength in his friendship with William Seward during the war and with Joshua Speed in his young adult life. For the football great, Gayle Sayers, it was Brian Piccolo. Every follower of Christ, needs an inner circle of confidants in order to be all that God intends for him to be (Proverbs 18:24 & 27:17). It is not a frivilous strategy. It is crucial for a man's Christian walk and maturity. An inner circle has your back when the chips are down. It kicks your butt if your attitude toward your wife, boss or girlfriend isn't on a biblical track. It says hello! when your little head starts to tell your big head what to do in the area of sex. It guides you when you're in doubt about what to do (James 1:5-8). It boosts you when you're feeling about as worthless as a piece of monkey spit. In our erotic crazy and materialistically obsessed culture, how can a man avoid sin traps and be all that Christ calls him to be without an inner circle? Not possible for a man who wins. Listen to my 8 minute radio show, Accountability Friendships - Taking a Risk.

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