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Posted on February 8, 2009

I had no newsletter or blog last week because of the ice storm that has ravaged western Kentucky where I live.   My wife and I were without power for numerous days but not without a higher kind of power --  the power of God's Spirit.  His Power reigns even when no AC exists (Ephesians 3:16).  This is the supernatural part of a real Christian's life.
I'm finding that families really have come together during this crisis.  They've learned to do for and with others as they haven't done before.  The family of my friend, Clay Campbell, has been eating meals together once again, and even playing Scrabble under the light of candles.
God is faithful to strengthen during hard times.  He especially strengthens those who've been in deep relationship with him prior to a crisis. You don't learn to trust Him overnight.  You gradually learn to put all your hope in His care.  
Hope you're building a tight bond with Christ today.  He's ample power when there's no AC.
As you know, prayers set God loose.  So, I'd appreciate your prayers for those in my region who are still without power, and some, even without water.

by Gary Chester

Due to the personal ramifications of the devastating ice storm that has swept through my beloved western Kentucky area, I've been behind on my blogs. 
The day before the storm struck, it was a terrible omen when Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel showed up in my town of Paducah, KY from which to broadcast live.  As you know if  Cantore shows up in your area, you can just about kiss your buns goodbye.
Will crank out some blogs about today's issues for men (that very often apply to the ladies as well) as soon as I thaw out and get time to collect my thoughts.


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