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A Test to Know if your Salvation Is Secure

Posted on June 24, 2010

Some people doubt whether their salvation is secure and genuine.

To help determine this, a good question to ask yourself could be this one:  How much to do you think about God as opposed to things of the world (Matt 6:21 & 24 and 1 John 5:21).  How often is your mind on him?

For example, do you find yourself in church services thinking about fishing or golfing?  Or do you instead find yourself thinking about God when you're fishing or golfing?

Only you yourself can determine whether you truly know him and are truly saved.  But one thing is for certain.  The Bible is chocked full of verses that clearly explain God's plan of salvation so you can know for sure.  

Another good question:  Have you honestly surrendered your whole life to him and staked everything on him?  Have you truly fallen in love with him and the scriptures through the power of the Holy Spirit?

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