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20 Minute Magic = More TLC From Wives

Posted on September 24, 2009
My soul mate deserves at least 20 minutes daily of talk time with me.  I call it the 20 minute magic in my book, Save the Males.  Women process life much, much more through talking than we guys do, so we need to put listening to our wives into our daily schedules.
Please keep in mind that when we men are listening, we shouldn't offer solutions to any problems our wives bring up unless they directly ask for them. They usually don't want our solutions, they just want our ear.
Listening says to them we care really care.  And when we genuinely listen, it makes them feel emotionally affected, and when they feel emotionally affected, it tends to increase their desire to be sexually connected.
But why does it seem hard for a man to give his wife a daily time to catch up and really listen to what her heart is saying?  One reason is that she often carries on with what I refer to as so much estrogen chatter - personal chitchat about things that are often uninteresting to us guys. 
But isn't a little sacrifice of my time and attention part of God's mandate (Ephesians 5:28) to love my wife as I love myself.  Besides, it pays off big time in the quantity of TLC we get.  You know, the TLC that we crave so much from her!     
Isn't it amazing how God set up the mutually gratifying ways to please each other?

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